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The air we breathe is not good – it needs cleaning or purification and its temperature and humidity need correction. Let us do it for you with our air purification equipment.

Your lungs and your health require good air, which is pure of allergens and pollutants, and has the right temperature and humidity. Our lungs and our skin are exposed to the air 24/7 and will suffer with bad quality air. In our urban and even suburban environments the air we breathe is not good and needs improvement.

The air that surrounds us outdoors and also indoors carries a lot of airborne particles, gases and vapors from pollution and also microbes and viruses. All this has an immediate impact on the health of our lungs and on people's general health, especially on allergies and asthma. Long term there is a serious effect on breathing diseases like ephysema, and even cancers. The polluted air of our cities and industrial areas is well known for its nasty effects, but our suburbs are nowadays also severely affected. We all need to protect our health and especially the health of our children and seniors, which can be more easily damaged by bad air.

Diagrams exemplifying complex air purification systems and methods.
We are engineers specialized in correcting the air in your home, office, workplace and car, in order to maximize your health. Please let us help you and your family be healthy.
The cost of air purifying equipment is nowadays quite accessible and they are virtually maintenance free, except for replacing filters and periodic cleaning.
We offer a variety of products for all types of uses and of a variety of power ratings. In order tom understand how these equipments work and the details of the pertinent science, please consult our "Science, Technology and Health" page.
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